Supersmoothies - 7 DIY superfood smoothies

Supersmoothies - 7 DIY superfood smoothies
This DIY superfood smoothie kit contains all the special ingredients you need to make 7 healthy and delicious smoothies... minus the fresh ingredients, of course, because as we all know, those are best when fresh.


Plus these DIY mixes contain 20 popular superfoods you've always wanted to try:   

1. Goji-Cacao-Maca
(mix with banana, strawberry and mango)
2. Maqui-Chia-Pomegranate
(mix with spinach, carrot and celery)
3. Acai-Hemp protein-Carob
(mix with blueberries, apple and beet)
4. Camu camu-Coconut water-Moringa
(mix with banana, apple and grapefruit)
5. Spirulina-Bee Pollen-Kelp
(mix with spinach, lettuce and green apple)
6. Wheatgrass-Hemp seeds-Cacao nibs
(mix with cucumber, celery and banana)
7. Lucuma-Flax-Fenugreek
(mix with mint, pear and dates)


Choose your flavors based on which fruits, veggies and berries you have in your fridge. Refer to a full recipe on each smoothie packet. It's so easy to make and so healthy!


We forget who said it but "a smoothie a day keeps the doctor away." Plus it makes you look so damn good!