12 Essential Indian Ayurvedic spices

12 Essential Indian Ayurvedic spices

This goodie pouch contains 12 individually bagged spices most popular in Indian cuisine.

Besides using them in your cookin' (follow recipes on our blog), you can use them to cure many ailments as many have done following Ayurvedic advice. 

1. Whole black pepper. Pain relief, digestion, heart disease, lung disease, skin 

2. Cayenne pepper powder. Digestion, analgesic, arthritis, blood pressure, cholesterol 

3. Cumin powder. Digestion, flatulence, antiseptic, fatigue, energy

4. Coriander seeds. Digestion, cold, detox, migraine

5. Ginger powder. Fever, respiratory, digestion, flatulence, cholesterol, flu

6. Turmeric powder. Anti-inflammatory, anticeptic, digestion, cold

7. Fenugreek seeds. Digestion, pain, detox, diabetes, lactation, hair

8. Cardamom powder. Digestion, fever, dental, lungs, eyes, kidney & gall stones.

9. Cinnamon powder. Creatinine, wounds, skin, digestion, weight loss

10. Fennel seeds. Digestion, eyes, dental

11. Brown mustard seeds. Digestion, respiratory, blood, anti-inflammatory, pain

12. Curry leaves.Digestion, nausea, heartburn, morning sickness , hemorrhoids

Why should you consume spices?


1. Spices are powerhouses of nutrition (superfoods)
2. Spices aid digestion
3. Spices lessen effects of chronic conditions
4. Spices help drive away seasonal illness
5. Spices speed and balance metabolism
6. Spices aid weight loss
7. Spices balance hormones
8. Spices make everything delicious
9. Spices create and elicit memories
10. Spices are aphrodisiacs 

A full description of the 10 spice Ayurvedic properties can be found on our blog.