Live Spirulina is a high quality spirulina supplement, it has no aftertaste and has not undergone any heat treatment which causes a significant decline in nutritional values. Grown on an organic farm in the northern Negev desert, spirulina, the blue green algae, is grown using a unique technology developed in Israel. As boutique growers, it is important for us to produce a high quality product, the positive health effects of which are felt from first few days of use. Our product line includes Frozen Spirulina, Spirulina Crunchies (raw food dried spirulina), body creams and face masks produced with pure Spirulina Oil. 

Although artificial dietary supplements are popular, it’s tough for our body to absorb them. Spirulina can provide a healthier and a completely natural alternative. Although its nutritional values do not differ from those of other dietary supplements, Spirulina is a complete food or super-food, and the difference is great. Nutritional supplements contain chemicals that can be missing in our diet, but Spirulina contains the same materials in the form of organic compounds just like fruits and vegetables. In addition, spirulina contains all the enzymes necessary for maximum absorption of all the nutrients into the various systems of the body, a kind of a nutritional package deal.

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