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Spirulina Crunch is the most amazing crunchy snack I have had in a LONG time. It is a superfood loaded with nutrition and taste. Pure Standard has managed to make the highest quality product and put it in easy to grab and go sizes. I LOVE how the package comes with each serving divided out into little bags. It makes it SO easy to use and bring everywhere. I just can't say enough about the taste, I have had spirulina before and it is bitter and inedible, this is INCREDIBLE. It also provides me with a nice boost of energy. I recommend it to all my clients and friends. - Meghan Kennihan, running and fitness coach, Chicago, IL


 @brittatruebridge - International Yoga Instructor, Writer, Freediver, Ayurvedic Counselor, Reiki Healer & Creator of B. Tru Yoga, Caribbean Yoga Retreats & the TruBlue Foundation


 @CourtneyPool - I am a nutritionist specializing in the areas of juice cleansing, plant-based nutrition and healing compulsive eating. Worked w/ Gabriel Cousens, MD for 5 yrs.

I tried Spirulina Crunch for the first time last night. I just had a simple snack of jasmine rice, poached eggs and vegetables. I stirred the Spirulina Crunch into the rice and it tasted amazing! It's really nice stuff! - Carl Parnell, musician and Bulletproof diet enthusiast

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