#CrunchEnergyChallenge Kickoff (full content inside)

Good morning, Challengers!

Welcome to the #CrunchEnergyChallenge. 

Crunch Energy Challenge consists of four parts:

- Daily philosophy: blogs for important information and inspiration. Each day will have a theme. Daily content listed below.
- New exciting recipe for Spirulina Crunch 
- Other health tips, articles and recipes for daily energy posted on the Facebook group 
- Networking, communication and support through the group Admin: Confirm your participation in the #CrunchEnergyChallenge Facebook group to get healthy recipes, updates, expand your network and meet new like-minded friends. 

Make sure you're signed up for the Challenge to get email updates or sign up here. You don't have to get the Crunch to participate - you can use all the other tips, but if you decide to get it, you can get 2 for the price of 1 - get my Crunch now. You may also like to "like" our Pure Standard company page to get updates on products, discounts and company news.

Here is the content for the Challenge for the next 21 days:
(each day will include recipes, articles, suggestions and more). 
Day 1: Nutrition4Energy: Top 10 things to eat to instantly increase energy level 
Day 2: Exercise4Energy: Top 10 exercise tips for creating and maintaining energy 
Day 3: Lifestyle4Energy: Top 10 lifestyle changes to commit to for adding energy to life 
Day 4: Resistance: Why are we resistant to change? 
Day 5: Absorption for health: How to combine foods to get the maximum nutrition 
Day 6: Injury-free exercise: How to protect yourself 
Day 7: Procrastination: Why do we put off things that are good for us? 
Day 8: Eating for better focus: How to help your mind focus by giving it the right fuel 
Day 9: Exercise for balance: Doing balance exercises distributes energy through your body 
Day 10: Mindfulness: How does clean mind transform our lives? 
Day 11: Mindful eating: The power of purposeful eating and it's effect on health. 
Day 12: Core strength: How to build up your core to support your body? 
Day 13: Love: How does love influence our bodies? 
Day 14: Food4Happiness: How can you eat to promote happiness 
Day 15: Thank your body: Taking care of your body 
Day 16: Habits: How to build healthy habits 
Day 17: Supplements4Energy: Which other supplements give you a boost 
Day 18: Energy to think: Lifestyle that's conducive to energy-draining mental work 
Day 19: Sleep4Energy: Some great tips for better sleep 
Day 20: Beauty4Energy: Natural beauty routines that boost your energy 
Day 21: Thank you and recap 

Day #1 Crunch instructions
Open your large bag of Spirulina Crunch and remove one small sachet (daily portion). Consume half a satchet. You can either eat it straight out of the bag or you can take it with a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice, strawberries or red bell pepper.

Anything with high content of vitamin C will work - you need Vitamin C to maximize the absorption of iron in spirulina.

Tomorrow we'll start adding spirulina to foods you love. For today just enjoy it on your own or with a piece of fruit or vegetable.

The reason you eat just half the bag in the first two days is so that your body gets used to the detox qualities of Spirulina. Don't be surprised if you get a slightly bloated feeling in the first few days of taking spirulina if you're new to algae supplements - that's detox at work. It will improve as the Challenge progresses. 

Stay tuned for tonight's philosophy email and updates on the group!

For ideas on how to eat the Crunch, check the website's blog, the Facebook Challenge Group, or the daily reminder you'll receive by email with information and recipe ideas.

Take this opportunity to change your daily routine, add a few new exercises, walk a bit more. 

- Yael and the Pure Standard Team