Next product in our store? Ayurvedic herbs with spirulina crunchies!

November 01, 2015 Yael Greenberg

Why Ayurvedic herbs with Spirulina Crunchies?

Easy! Spirulina has a lot to offer, including over-all balancing of the body, energy booster, aid in fitness and digestion. It's full of good nutrients and vitamins, and perfect for vegans. So what's missing? Well, consuming Spirulina Crunchies is like being on an amazingly balanced diet, which helps everyone - those of us blessed with good health, and those of us who need some tweaks.

However, if we add Ayurvedic spices, created from hand-picked Indian medicinal plants, herbs and seeds, we can activate very specific processes within the body to help us get rid of ailments quicker, correct a specific imbalance in hormones, nervous and cardiovascular systems, and help restore a body post-surgery or after a traumatic event, as well as help improve the condition of hair and skin.

Pure Standard products are characterized by the areas of body that they balance. If you have any questions, please email us.


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