Eat a delivery man tonight

December 05, 2015 Yael Greenberg

Let’s just agree on something ever so small: no matter which angle you look at it, take-away just sucks.

I understand the desire to eat at a fancy or even simple restaurant, which nevertheless offers tasty food! You don’t to spend hours over the stove, you don’t deal with clean-up, and you get to enjoy someone’s company.

But what I don’t understand is a desire to get your dinner "over with". To eat in front of a computer or TV. To ensure something fills up your stomach so it stops growling. Oh, I have been there! I even started a startup called Takeout Psychic which eliminated the need to choose which take-away meal you'd be in the mood for and chose for you, like a psychic! Great idea, huh?

I don’t understand all of that now. Now I've learned the basics of cooking and how to whip a meal in a meager 15 minutes that’s both healthy and delicious, and did I mention, a quarter of the price of the takeaway?!

So let’s make a pact. We'll provide some cool, healthy and quick recipes and you guys try to save your money, and your health, and make an effort to reduce the amount of the take-away food you order. Deal?



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