Wines picked at the wine festival at the Ramat HaNadiv

December 07, 2015 Yael Greenberg

I took my husband to a wine festival at the Ramat HaNadiv recently, an amazingly serene and peaceful park in the north of Israel. In fact, Baron Rotchilds was buried here.


There were over 30 boutique and family wineries represented at the event. We decided going in that we were going to purchase only three. It was both a difficult and an easy task. After going through the stands once, we had two clear winners (Dadah with their blend, and Asambia with Malbec), and then were frantically going through some of the stands for a second time to pick a third. But that was an easy choice, as well, given my love for the Pinotage (by Eyal).

Now we have some great wines to eat with gourmet meals home-cooked by myself, and of course with a nice fresh garden salad topped with spirulina!

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