How to maximize nutrient absorption (or how to get the most of the stuff we eat)

December 15, 2015 Yael Greenberg


Ever wonder why so many kids and adults end up deficient in certain vitamins and minerals even though they’re eating right? When I started out as a vegan, that baffled me. I made sure I ate all the food groups, took supplements, and ate functional foods, and yet, I was anemic. That’s when I consulted a dietitian and started learning about how to best combine foods in order to maximize their value.

Turns out that certain foods enhance vitamin and mineral absorption while other foods may even block it! I was shocked. Bottom line: eating certain foods in the right combination can help you get proper nourishment your body needs.

For instance, when eating spirulina crunch, it’s best to squeeze some lemon or orange juice for vitamin C (or eat some bell peppers with it!). This way you maximize the absorption of iron.

Here are some examples of which foods you need to eat together and which you need to avoid combining:





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