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December 10, 2015 Yael Greenberg


Last week I made 4 smoothies for a tasting sesstion at a Women’s Rosh Hodesh gathering at Mevo Modi'im. Rosh Hodesh means the beginning of the new month in the Jewish Calendar. This month is Shvat. The kabbalistic focus of the month of Shvat is a tikkun (healing) of eating. We focus on what comes into our body through our mouths. Instead of thoughtlessly indulging in foods, we savor and focus on cleansing ourselves through cleansing our body. 

From the health perspective, this is a great month to do a detox. Detoxifying juices and smoothies with superfoods that help to clean our digestive system could be just what you need to get ready for spring and summer!

Here are the smoothies:

Left top: EMERALD SMOOTHIE: Spirulina crunch, green apple, cucumber, celery, spinach and/or kale, lemon, fresh ginger, date syrup

Right top: FUCHSIA SMOOTHIE: Raw wheat grass juice, red berries, frozen banana

Left bottom: CORAL SMOOTHIE: Raw milk thistle juice, orange, persimmon and/or peach

Right bottom: LIME-GREEN SMOOTHIE: Raw moringa juice, avocado, green apple and/or pear, lemon

Spirulina crunch is an amazing superfood that gives you a great energy boost, so it's perfect for use in a quick smoothie to start the day off right, or get a few extra hours of energy at the end of a long day. It's also a good alternative to all those sugary processed health bars and drinks you might normally have before starting your exercise workout.

Milk thistle is beneficial for cleansing the liver of heavy metals and various toxins. Milk thistle used to boost the immune system in the winter, as well as a potent detox agent. In Chinese medicine, it is used to lower “heavy fire,” i.e. it gives a sense of relaxation and eases stress. 

The use of wheat grass began some 5,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. Wheatgrass boasts such positive health attributes such as improving vitality and mood. With a high nutritional density, moringa contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals. For thousands of years, Indian doctors have used this natural antibiotic to treat a variety of conditions. Moringa is known to reduce stress in the body, especially in the muscles, as well as reduce swelling, clear toxins from the blood and kidneys; it is also used to treat asthma, to strengthen the body during illness, to lower cholesterol and improve blood circulation.


You can interchange superfoods in smoothies, but keep in mind certain absorption factors:

If you’re after iron, make sure to combine spirulina with vitamin C (orange or lemon/lime). 

If you’re after the B-complex in spirulina or B-vitamins in moringa, use it with healthy fats like olive oil or avocado and calcium-containing foods.  You can add a spoon of extra virgin olive oil to the smoothie for better absorption.

For more absorption tips, see this blog.  

And here are the smoothie containers from the party, like beautiful paints!





And I really loved getting this feedback from one of the participants:

“You were amazing: you mamash* got the attention while there was no time nor space in our minds - kol hakavod**. And I LOVED the smoothies. (I finished all the green ones!).

*Mamash = really
**Kol hakavod = great job

Tonight I'm headed off to Netanya to do another smoothie event... should be fun!

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