Quick dinner for yourself and your kid

December 31, 2015 Yael Greenberg


So many healthy and fun dinner options are available or you and your family! And they don’t take too much time, I promise! Here’s tonight’s dinner for my 2.3 year-old (I enjoyed it too!).

Recently MJ refused to eat healthy food. The first word in the morning or as I pick her up from the kindergarten is “snack.” That had to end.

But like everything else from potty training to sleep training, I like to do it gradually. I started making healthy food that resembles junk food for my kid look at that, a few months later, she is actually eating peas and majadara and even broccoli. It takes time but their palate adjusts.

So what we have here is majadera made from whole rice and green lentils (prep time: 3 min., cooking time: 20 min.). Make them separately and mix. Add a bit of pepper and Atlantic salt.

We had green peas that were frozen (prep time: 2 min), roasted veggies and tofu. (prep time: 10 min., cooking time: 15 min.), cubed tofu, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and mushrooms (I like portobello). Add olive oil, salt and pepper, and roast for 20 min on 180 degrees.

She also had salad on the plate, but she didn’t eat it. She prefers the "Arabic salad" if at all - I took a note. Anyway, plenty of protein in majadera (complete protein), green peas, tofu and broccoli. Avocado has LOADS of protein and I usually make my kid an avocado toast, which is delicious! Veggies have a lot more protein than dairy (excluding cottage cheese, which has a lot of protein, but also hormones, unfortunately).

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