10 Innovative and tasty ways to eat spirulina

December 01, 2015 Yael Greenberg

By now, most consumers of supplements know of the benefit of spirulina (high in protein, iron, B vitamins, and many other vitamins and minerals). Not many, however, have met spirulina in other forms than pills you chug with water or juice or powder you add to smoothies and try to use as much fruit to mask the powder’s strong flavor. 

Enter SPIRULINA CRUNCH. It’s natural and sun-dried. Basically spirulina has not undergone any processing. It has no unpleasant taste or smell and it actually is a choice of snack for many spirulina enthusiasts. Because of its texture, it can be sprinkled on various food adding flavor as well as increasing nutritional value. Click here to read more on the Crunch.

Here are some of the colorful ideas:

1. Trail mix

2. On fruit and veggie slices

Particularly those containing high quantity of vitamin C as it helps iron absorption.

3. On sprouts

4. With berries or pomegranate seeds

5. On a sandwich

Awesome on peanut butter or tahini

6. On a salad (awesome with kale)

7. With a chia pudding

8. On a smoothie bowl

9. With oatmeal

10. Straight out of the bag!

Any other ways you discovered? Share!

Click here to read more on the Crunch


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