Lifestyle4Energy: Top 10 lifestyle changes for adding energy to life

March 03, 2016 Yael Greenberg

There is a bunch of things besides nutrition and physical activity that you do to improve your life and they come under a wide category of lifestyle. So what else can you today to add energy to your life? 

1. Sleep! Yes, this one is simple and yet so many of us neglect it. We wait to finish projects, procrastinate and drag things into the night. We live in a global world where there's always someone commenting on your Facebook feed at 3 a.m. and some of us work with overseas customers late into the night.

If you can, commit to going to bed before 12 midnight or earlier if you have to wake up before 7 a.m. Retire with a book at 11:30 or commit to meeting your partner in the bedroom at that time (probably more fun than a book ;) for the most). Reward yourself by recognizing how well-rested you are in the morning. Magically, you'll finish things throughout the day because we are much more productive and sharp when we've had enough sleep. 

2. Declutter. This one is hard. Apparently, you can throw so much out of your home and get happier and more energetic. Clutter weighs and slows your down. If only you knew how to part with all those things... Here's one resource that will help you do that. This #1 New York Times best-selling guide to decluttering your home from Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo takes readers step-by-step through her revolutionary KonMari Method for simplifying, organizing and storing. 
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.

3. Make goals. Annual, monthly, weekly. Make sure to make a to-do list every day and plan your week at the start of every week. Knowing what to do next instead of trying to remember frees up mental energy to work more efficiently. 

4. Social life. Make sure you make time for social things. Actually schedule meetings with your favorite friends and make sure to get there. Limit interaction with anyone who brings you down or brings negativity into your life. Social interactions empower and give you energy to succeed in your projects. 

5. Help others. Make sure to give back on a consistent basis. The easier way to do that is to help professionally. Seek opportunities to mentor others in your profession. On the other hand, be able to say no when asked for help when you are overwhelmed. The energy you get from helping others is the best fuel for your mindful engine. 

6. Get rid of ever-present notifications. They waste your time, ruin your concentration and offend everyone around you who don't have your full attention. Kill social media notifications on your phone and PC and if you have a light changing color when there's a notification, stick a bandaid there. Put your phone on silent when there's a meeting. Very few calls or emails are truly urgent. 99% of the emails or calls can be answered all in bulk and leave you to be productive for the rest of the day. Once you are free from the energy-draing notifications, you will see how much more energy you will have to deal with your daily life. 

7. Expand your network. Seek opportunities to meet new people at least once every two weeks. There will be a time in life when you will see how some these people will fit into your life puzzle. Make connections between people. They will appreciate you and you will have helped to further someone's goals. This creates positive energy going your way. 

8. Never stop learning. Make sure you are always up to new things. Take a course, off-line or online, schedule a webinar, get podcasts and watch TED lectures. Your brain will take this new information and make a million more connection to what you know. You will be amazed of awesome ideas that come out of this. Learning will fire neurons in your brain and help exercise critical thinking. That will make you sharper and give you energy to perform daily tasks. 

9. Make a solid plan to get rid of debt. Debt wears you out, mainly because it's an uncertainty you have to deal with. It complicates planning and creates risks. Make a solid pay-back plan and stick to it. Avoid taking loans and lower your spending. Write down every single expense for a month as an exercise and you will see that your spending the month after will go down significantly. Plus you will see, having a plan for a more stable future will free up some energy from worrying and allow you to channel it into productivity.

10. Never look back. Banish regret. No crying over spilled milk. Something bad happened that could have been prevented? Learn from it and move on. How? Meditation helps a lot. You'll see that as soon as you start regular meditation, you stop dwelling in regret. Spend your energy somewhere else!

What other changes can you think of that will help you get more energetic, healthier and happier? 



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