Exercise4Energy: Top 10 exercise tips for creating and maintaining energy

March 02, 2016 Yael Greenberg

Contrary to popular belief, exercising doesn't make you tired -- it literally creates energy in your body. Your body rises up to meet the challenge for more energy by becoming stronger.

So what are the best exercises for energy? 

1. Number one is cardio! Even 20 jumping jacks or a 15-minute walk gets your blood pumping and moves oxygen through the body. Dog owners know the secret: walking the dog is really for you, less for the dog. And those who walk their dogs first thing in the morning know that it gets them up and running! Anytime you feel yourself fading, do some cardio. I switch on the music and dance it out!

2. Speaking of dancing, that's a huge energy-booster. Dancing has a special way of making us happy through releasing adrenaline into the blood stream. Choose a workout with a dance edge to it, such as dance aerobics or just a hip hop class. Or go to a salsa club with your friends - that's actually a fantastic workout as long as you're on your feet all night. 

3. Breathing! Thinking of skipping that yoga class to nap? Think again. Deep breathing can be incredibly energizing and relaxing at the same time. 

4. Jump rope. Here's something you likely haven't touched since middle school. It's about time you ordered yourself one online. Next time you feel your eyes are about to close, go outside and jump like your life depends on it. Just 2-3 minutes of this madness and you are guaranteed hours and hours of energy.

5. Being upside down. Any yoga position that has your head lower than the rest of the body, such as downward-facing dog, is guaranteed to give you a boost of energy. Get some extra blood flow to your brain, along with oxygen, and you will take up. Plus it's a really good stretch, and speaking of stretching...

6. Stretching is the number 6. Take a stretch break every hour when you are at work and you will see much less fatigue. The trips to the cookie cabinet will subside, too!

7. Competitive sports. The spirit of competition not only motivates you, it gives you extra energy to win... (well, some of the time). 

8. Balance and core. This may seem counter-intuitive, but put down your tennis racket, stand with your back to a wall, take that tennis ball and put it between the wall and your shoulder blades. Now remain in that position for 5 minutes using the ball to massage your back in circular fashion. By the end of the 5 minutes, you will feel super energized!

9. Resistance strength training, particularly when done with slow, deliberate motions. TRX is one of the most popular workouts that provide this kind of workout. 

10. Kettle-bell. Yeah! The power of swinging that baby over your head (without dropping) first thing in the morning will have you energized for the whole day. It's about building your core, as well as releasing the oxygen - you breathe out as you raise the kettle bell above your head. Just 3 minutes of this exercise will get you on a road to tremendous fitness results. 

If you have any special tips related to exercise for boosting energy, please comment on this blog!

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