Be Like Spirulina! Let spirulina help you get more energy

January 29, 2016 Yael Greenberg

It's true! Spirulina is like coffee, but without the side effects. 

While coffee tricks your brain into thinking you're not tired, spirulina is known to ACTUALLY increase your energy levels. No one knows exactly how that works, but we are currently testing some hypotheses in the lab!

Some of the possible reasons is that it's a VERY protein-dense food. 60-70% of spirulina is protein. Plus it has B-complex vitamin and iron levels worthy of a good steak or a whole bunch of spinach or broccoli. All of that goodness gives you an actual BOOST when you need it. 

One caveat: don't eat spirulina in the evening if you have troubles with sleep. It's recommended to take spirulina in the morning or early afternoon. 

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