Overnight oatmeal - the cure for the morning madness

January 11, 2016 Rachael Guth

So my kids wake up starving every morning, and the mad rush to feed, clothe, and get them out the door begins. Like all great mommies, I have their little lunches packed and ready next to their already folded and laid out clothes.


Ok, so I did that for like two weeks and then stopped caring. That and my oldest daughter is so picky about what she'll eat that she will demand batata (sweet potato) for dinner and in the morning decide she hates it and needs pizza, and then return home with a box of uneaten food. The wind changes less often than her appetite.

Getting back on subject, one of the things my kids really do like is muesli, granola, and all those fun mixed nutty-fruit-grain things. In an attempt to please them all, and actually get to eat as well, I started making overnight oatmeal. I had just discovered silan (date syrup), so it made for a great sticky messy sweet treat in the morning.

  • Find an old glass jar with a good lid layer in nuts, fruit, seeds, whatever happens to strike your fancy. Change it up every time.
  • Fill about 2/3 with oatmeal (instant or regular).
  • Drizzle on the silan (you can add later if you'd like to regulate how sweet it is when you eat).
  • Pour as much almond/soy/hazelnut/other milk as you can, leaving enough space at the top for the oatmeal to "expand".
  • Place in fridge.

In the morning, you'll need to either shake (and I mean, shake HARD) or stir everything, as the oatmeal is in one lump and needs to be distributed evenly throughout. This probably could be prevented by mixing everything before putting it in the jar, which is messier and it doesn't have that nice eye-pleasing layer affect.

Overnight oatmeal can be eaten over-twice-night, or over-thrice-night, depending on how many people you're serving and how hungry you are. Before you decide to eat the whole jar, consider you will be much more full than you think, as it tends to sit heavy in the stomach, but I guess that's a good thing for mommies who are about to spend the entire day on the run!


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