MsGoot on the Spirulina Challenge

January 10, 2016 Rachael Guth

MsGoot here with an update from The Goot Life.

Even though I've been an awful blogger recently (if there were blogger priests I'd have a whole lot to confess to), I've made a commitment to get back in gear and share this side of the world with my readers. I've been blogging since 1996 on a range of subjects, which have changed as my life situation and location has changed.

My most recent focus has combined a few loves of mine, specifically art, alternative issues, the outdoors, gardening, humor, and DIY. So here's me sharing these things with you; hope you enjoy and if you have anything to add, or similar stories/ideas to relate, please do!

One of the reasons I've been inspired to blog is my lovely dear friend YaelTamar aka Raw Mommy, who has brought out the creative side of me and inspired me to be a bit more healthy and a bit less lazy. Or you could say, shown me how to be healthy and creative when I'm feeling lazy and can't quite commit to being as healthy as I'd wish.

The last few months I've been totally run down, lacking physical and mental energy, and losing a lot of weight (being slightly chunky a good deal of my life, having my doctor ask "are you sure you're not anorexic?" is a very strange feeling). The doctor and nutritionist were at a loss as to why, and I came to the conclusion that it's a number of factors. One, my two adorable girls, ages 1.5 and 3.5, who drive me insane even when they're being cute. The oldest doesn't stop for a minute and is "high maintenance"; the youngest is a "high needs" baby. That, and the "baby" is still nursing. So not only am I not eating enough, I'm also burning calories non-stop.

Also, after years of following a gluten-free diet and still having stomach pains, I had myself checked for lactose intolerance. I've since stopped all dairy, am eating gluten every day (checking blood results every 3 months), and feel amazing. I'm a big believer in excluding cow's milk from the diet, so while not a bad thing, the complete lack of dairy (*oh yes, and did I mention meat in general) has left me... well... lacking.

So enter YaelTamar.

I'm now on the "Spirulina Challenge". I admit, spirulina has been lurking in my cupboard and freezer for a long time. The kids love it and I have to hide it to ensure it doesn't get consumed in massive amounts like candy, but some part of me was holding back from commitment. This last bout of energy and weight issues has pushed my resolve to become a healthy person and leave me fully "green".

I've been putting raw defrosted spirulina in shakes and juices for the last two weeks, and I can actually say I feel better. Not only do I feel more energized, but it's definitely influenced my choice of healthier foods.

So today's lunch consisted of (not 100% healthy, but pretty close):

Salmon, smashed and cooked with tahini, fresh lemon juice, olive oil and beer (that was me trying to be creative)
Green leaf salad w/egg, avocado, chia seeds, and a nut/seed blend and topped with Spirulina Crunch

For my shake I did the following:
Popped a frozen raw spirulina into a glass and topped with tahini and silan (100% date syrup - make sure it's sugar-free)
Mixed almond milk and frozen blueberries in blender
Put that all together, top with homemade vanilla extract (recipe to be added later)
Mix and enjoy!

It was SO good I wished I had more, even though my stomach was bursting and I didn't even finish everything!

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