My wedding dress - Grey and Red!

January 19, 2016 Yael Greenberg

I was asked to write why my wedding dress wasn't traditional white. 

For most women, the wedding is a chance to show individuality with their wedding dress. It was clear to me that a white dress was not going to do that for me. I almost never wear white - my skin is white and my hair is dirty blonde, and a white dress would totally wash me out. Plus I was not going to spend 7-8 thousand shekels (equal to about $2000) on a dress I would probably not wear again. So I decided to design my own dress, and since I was doing that, I had a lot more flexibility with colors and fabrics. I looked for a comfortable design that would be flattering for most bodies which could be made with little effort and few fittings. I love Vera Wang as a designer, and so I looked through a lot of her collections.

She happened to have a lot of non-white dresses the year I got married, too. I chose the dress that combined two different types of fabrics; it was ephemeral grey and I loved it. It was both sturdy and flowing because of the chiffon skirt. I went out and got thick grey stretch fabric for the top of the dress, and transparent and flowing chiffon for the skirt.

My stepmom, Michal, who is a seamstress, agreed to make the dress. She measured me once, and I only had to come back once to try it on before it was ready. Incredible!

When it was ready, I decided I needed yet more color and decided on adding a colorful belt. I involved the family in a discussion on the color: blue or red. When I heard the most conservative women say blue, I immediately went for the red. To my surprise, my creative stepmom added the red to the bottom of the skirt too, as there was extra fabric left. It was totally her touch and I loved it!

The whole dress cost me 600 NIS (about $150) and it felt totally Me. I happened to have a pair of red shoes, and my mother-in-law hand-made my jewelry. It felt totally amazing to be fashionable on a budget. And it felt amazing to be a designer and to have pulled it off. 

Since the wedding, I am looking for a tall woman who would love to get married in my dress. I was surprised no one took me up on my offer. But then I realized that most women prefer white. So the dress is still waiting for the right woman to borrow. Maybe it will be my daughter, Maya Jazz, some day. I wonder if in 2-3 decades they will even wear dresses made of fabric. :)

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